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This was not me, not the outgoing, in control woman I knew I was. “Release me and put your tongue to work.”I quickly did just that, finding to my pleasure that he had gone commando and that the bulge hid a wonderful example of manhood.After the last button, he removed my blouse and unhooked my bra, releasing my boobs. Then he stroked between my legs and I gasped from his touch, I almost came. I took him deeply in my mouth and began to greedily suck and lick his ample endowment.He moved behind me, cupping and caressing them as he unzipped my skirt. I hardly noticed his clothes falling away as I was so engrossed in ardently devouring his cock.I let my right hand go inside my panties to my clit where very little stimulation was necessary to bring on an orgasm. It caused one last magnificent orgasm that shook my whole body and left me in a trembling euphoria.But the guys who I would consider did not measure up in other ways that were just as important. We did not want a big expensive deal so we agreed on my parents house for the ceremony and reception for just family and close friends. We moved into my apartment since it had the best location for our jobs and sublet his.We also started house hunting, eventually finding a nice little place we could afford in a good commuting area and school district.It all stemmed from a blind date, one that neither of us really wanted to go on.

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As I walked to my car the last few drops of his semen ran down my leg. I was dressed in my normal work attire, not having showered after.

I cannot explain it but I feel this is very special for both of us. If this is not love then I do not know what it could be. “I feel exactly the same way.”With that, I completed my roll so I was on top of him.

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