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In addition to the combat bonus in rough terrain, the Mefal Sefari receives an extra combat bonus when fighting near the Ethiopian capital.

It was during this period that noted Emperor Haile Selassie brought Ethiopia to the forefront of global affairs, as his nation endured the conflicts of World War II, and he strove to set Ethiopia on a path of modernization and progressive reform.

In 1270 AD, the monarchy that would control Ethiopia for the coming centuries arose under the leadership of Emperor Yekuno Amlak, founder of the Solomonic Dynasty.

The rulers of the Solomonic Dynasty attributed their lineage to the great biblical king Solomon and his queen, Makeda.

The climate of Ethiopia varies greatly, although the nation as a whole is part of a tropical zone with heavy rainfall during the summer monsoon season followed by a dry, moderate winter.

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The Great Rift Valley cutting across central Ethiopia has long been considered the birthplace of human development.These early inhabitants of Ethiopia, who lived in what is known as the mysterious Land of Punt, developed many of the early agricultural practices that are still part of Ethiopian culture today.

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