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12-Jul-2020 11:08

is a great new service which basically allows you to create your own chatbot for free.

Typically, people have a wrong notion that creating and managing a chatbot is a difficult and involves complex programming.

Our chatbots are being developed by a team which has twice won the prestigious Loebner Prize contest for human-computer conversation.

The page explains that the bots will come in standard gender binary flavors (female and male), with a heterosexual focus.

Many people use Ai Chat Girl as a friend they can take with them anywhere they want - on their laptops or pads.

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The primary purpose of our chatbots is to entertain, which they will do by providing an engaging conversational capability, but they can also help you to practice and improve your own flirting and erotic chat skills.

Whether its stag magazines, classic Playboy and Knave or more recent stylise erotica magazines you will find them within our site.

Based in the UK, the home of British discipline, you will note that we are somewhat specialised in the following fields .

Each of our chatbots will have the personality of an entertaining, interesting and amorous partner, who remembers its past conversations with you, learning more and more about you as time goes on.

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(…) Our chatbots will be driven by our own Artificial Intelligence software.

CONTROLS: Click the textbox to write something to Ai Chat Girl then hit Enter. The more you talk to her the bigger her database will get until she is as smart as you are. Change Avatar Button: This will change the Avatar that is displayed. Optimize Ai Button: Click this button every few days of chatting to optimize the Ai to your Ai Chat Girl's personality. Think of her as the early ancestor of the AI chatbot girlfriend Sim that the goofy actor gets lovingly carried away relating to on an intimate level with in that recent movie. The logic rules are flawed and the grammar used by the chatbot is unpredictable and wrong most the time.