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The remains are exceptionally well preserved and represent the largest collection of fossils from a single primitive hominin species ever discovered in Africa. naledi fossils occur without a direct association with non-hominin macrofossil remains, and are found deep inside the difficult to access U. The Dinaledi Chamber is characterised by a sedimentary environment that is geochemically and sedimentologically distinct from the rest of the Rising Star Cave (Dirks et al., 2015), and the fossiliferous deposit it contains is profoundly different from other known hominin-bearing cave assemblages in the Co H (e.g., Reynolds and Kibii, 2011; Dirks et al., 2010; Pickering et al., 2011a; Dirks and Berger, 2013; Bruxelles et al., 2014).

The fossils occur as a dense bone accumulation in mostly unconsolidated muddy sediment that largely originated from within the cave through weathering of the dolomite host rock (Dirks et al., 2015). In this paper we present results of uranium-thorium (U-Th) disequilibrium, electron spin resonance (ESR), radiocarbon, and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating in combination with palaeomagnetic analyses, to provide ages for the fossils and surrounding deposits in the Dinaledi Chamber, and build upon the geological context described in Dirks et al. Dates acquired via U-Th and ESR techniques were obtained using a double blind approach for each technique to ensure robust, reproducible results, with each laboratory using their own analytical and computational approach.

The cave system comprises several kilometres of mapped passageways (Figure 1a) that are stratigraphically bound to a 20–30 m-thick, chert-poor dolomite horizon capped by a 1–1.3 m-thick chert unit that forms the roof to the cave system (Dirks et al., 2015).

Geological mapping and laser-theodolite surveys indicate that this roof is intact and not penetrated by significant shafts that open to surface (Dirks et al., 2015; Kruger et al., 2016).

The main cavity forming the Dinaledi Chamber is ~15 m long with variable widths not exceeding 2.5 meters (Figure 1b), and expands near the intersection with a crosscutting passage, which is the location of the main excavation site to date (Figure 1b).

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The material was undated, and predictions ranged from anywhere between 2 million years old and 100,000 years old. naledi shared several traits with the most primitive of our ancient relatives, including its small brain. naledi was an old species in our family tree, and possibly one of the earliest species to evolve in the genus Homo. – who include many of the researchers who were involved in the discovery of H.Two dating scenarios for the fossils were tested by varying the assumed levels of Rn loss in the encasing sediments: a maximum age scenario provides an average age for the two least altered fossil teeth of 253 82/–70 ka, whilst a minimum age scenario yields an average age of 200 70/–61 ka.

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