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So do prosecutors and virtually all government investigators.Good luck "proving your innocence" if some liar says you were part of a drug deal, laundered money, plotted to blow up a bridge, or asked him to help you murder somebody.Sometimes they get everything they need from some anonymous person who makes false accusations via a tips hotline.Snitches (and cops) lie all the time and get away with it.There are jailhouse snitches — either deliberately planted in your cell after you've been arrested or just opportunists who happen to be there and are willing to share whatever you say (or make up lies about things you said).Each and every one of these people is a betrayer of friendship and trust.The rest of your life if you do snitch Appendix 1: The Reid Interrogation Technique Rats! And you may not reproduce or distribute any part of this work for commercial purposes, period. I intended to acknowledge the dozens of people who contributed to this book.

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To keep things simple we're going to call them all snitches — though we'll differentiate when we need to help you look out for specific problems. In many cases, genuine police investigations into actual crimes are almost a thing of the past.

Never mind that, in our legal system, the government is supposed to have to prove your guilt; that's become a quaint notion.