Devotion for dating couple building a foundation for spiritual intimacy christine bleakley dating

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When a Christian says from the heart, ‘To live is Christ and to die is gain,’ he is free to love no matter what.

Some forms of radical Islam may entice martyr-murderers with similar dreams, but Christian hope is the power to love, not kill.

For example, instead of just praying for the “unsaved,” we might name a specific friend or neighbor.

If you are reading a news article about persecuted Christians in China, Egypt, or elsewhere, that would be a great time to pray for the people in the article.

She took Josef and his brother to church, which was a three-hour train ride away.

Despite the distance and danger of going to church, Josef Gabor remains grateful to God for a mother who helped bring him to Christ.

Epaphras, very likely the planter and pastor of the Colossian church (1:7), knew the heresy threatened the purity of the gospel and the spiritual lives of believers in his congregation, probably a mix of Jews and Gentiles.Paul elsewhere referred to faith and love as part of the armor of God that should be worn by Christians (1 Thess. He wanted the believers there to continue growing in Christ, that is, to be “radical, loving, risk-takers” for the sake of the gospel.This was the “word of truth” they had originally heard and believed and which was eternally guaranteed or “stored up” for them by God (v. Since these things are true for all believers, this epistle is written for us as well!Christian hope produces life-givers, not life-takers. The crucified Christ calls his people to live and die for their enemies, as he did …

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Jesus unleashed a movement of radical, loving, risk-takers.” This is the Christ-centered faith Paul lived out and wrote about.

We’ll examine the evidence for His sovereignty, superiority, and glory, as well as His redemption proclaimed in the gospel and through our life in Him.