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Alexandra Holden, who played the part, later appeared in such series as A fresh-faced Michael Vartan wooed an eyepatch-sporting Monica as Richard's charming young son Timothy Burke.

Four years after 1997's 'The One with Chandler in a Box', the actor found fame on spy series "I'm Rhonda... " - A classic moment from 1998's 'The One with Phoebe's Uterus'.

Sunday's episode of NCIS: LA finds the team dealing with a very different kind of con artist -- two, to be exact.

When a resident at a retirement home is kidnapped, the investigation leads NCIS to Ginger and Edward O' Boyle, a pair of elderly con It's a battle of the sexes, and winner takes all!

Debra Jo Rupp is an American television and film actress.

She is best known for playing the character of energetic Kitty Forman on the Fox sitcom and Alice Knight-Buffay on seasons- third, fourth and fifth of the popular series-Friends.

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After that, she was praised by and featured in various newspapers like The New York Times.

On the fifth day of July in the year 1989, a sitcom about nothing premiered on NBC.

Yes, your finger counting calculations are correct: The fearsome foursome of Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Kramer (Michael Richards) first crashed into our living rooms via television set 25 years ago.

She worked in the Emmy Award-winning television series as Red’s encouraging wife are commendable.

Even in her 60s, she is still keeping up her work and recently has worked in the commercial ads by providing her voice of Mrs. She is currently starring on the sitcom, As she has worked in numerous TV shows and movies, she is net worth of million.Appearing in 126 episodes, Paget Brewster was a long-time regular as profiler Emily Prentiss - though she later departed the series, she still pops back for the occasional guest spot, most recently in February.

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As an actor, you just want to be working and I'm just so thankful for that time. I went in and read, and ended up reading for the creator of the show. It came down to Brenda Hampton, who made the final decision of giving me the part, because the network wasn't too fond of me at the time. It was a pretty substantial character in the show and I don't think they necessarily trusted me with the material, but Brenda did. When [Shailene Woodley] walked in and read for her role, the second she saw her, she knew she was the girl. You could have a hundred actors reading for one part and they could all be spectacular but one sticks out for some reason.… continue reading »

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