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=================================== Gamplay =================================== Essentially this game is a Social Sim, very similar to the Persona series, but instead of trying to make friends or fall in love, you're instead attempting to win over other character's trust until you can bring them to your side. During the day, you can free roam and spend time with other characters, do various activities to increase one of your three stats, work a job to earn money, go shopping, and plenty more.

During the night however, you assume your role as the New Kira, strategically looking over the notes you've taken on other characters planning your next move, while also using your computer to see the progress of your loyal supporters and perhaps do some research on your fellow friends to find a weakness to exploit.

Once you reach a certain relationship point with a character, you can enter "Kira Mode", fading your hair and eyes to red as you make key choices trying to give them the final shove to join your cause.

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You can kill any of the characters at any point in time if you choose, so plenty of time is going to be needed to make sure it'll be done correctly, but once Act I is complete I will upload a playable version for you all so you can tell me what you think!Just putting it out there that I'm fully aware I'm not the greatest mapper nor do I pretend to be.