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Post-BDM, Series."She cannot remember any more how it felt to think her sons were alive." A series exploring the final days of the House of Durin.Warnings: Battle of Five Armies, Canonical Character death. This is an alternate ending to the episode Free Ride because what happened with Deeks on the ship could have been so much worse!Danny and Steve are in pursuit of a murderer when they get kidnapped, and Steve finds himself facing a difficult choice, to which there is no positive outcome. Billy's dark past is revealed and his loyalty to the CIA is questioned when an old friend and newfound enemy is discovered alive and turns a routine mission upside down. Why would Eliot Spencer not be suspicious of an food, drink, or information provided by Jim Sterling? SHIELD wasn't supposed to find Thor and Loki on Earth three years after the battle.Rating for violence and mild-ish language throughout. His teammates must fight to save him, especially after Billy makes the ultimate sacrifice so that his teammates can bring down their enemies once and for all. And how do you solve a problem of trust when you've spent the last three-and-a-half years trying to solve problems of distrust? Loki wasn't supposed to be a silent shadow of who he once was.Arthur bears the brunt of his father's enchanted anger. A job has gone bad, leaving an injured Eliot locked up with Parker. Tag to the "The Tap Out Job." Eliot's used to being in control, to being able to fight back against individuals who mean him or his teammate's harm. Cobb discovers just how different it is, and why, and gains a little perception of his own. Surviving is a super bonus, but that whole recovery thing? Unfortunately for Sam there's more than just the supernatural danger to be concerned about. Giving in to their destinies, the final battle begins. The Great Dragon has asked Merlin to rescue the last dragon egg left whilst King Uther has asked Arthur to destroy it. A tag to the second Beauty and the Beast episode, so spoilers for that. What can you say or do to help the most important person in your life when you have stopped knowing him and his life has come apart? The hunters become the hunted when an elusive stalker sets his sights on the Winchester boys.This story starts as h/c but quickly moves on to drama with lots of leverage-style action in it. The psychological the physical trauma from the fight might be affecting him more than he's leading on."Hurry, Nate," Eliot mumbled and he lost the battle with unconsciousness before he could be sure he'd been heard. A speculative fic to the end of season 5, will most likely be AU by the end of the season. They must travel together, with different agendas, across the continent in order to find it. A fluffy little father/son piece following the death of the troll, because let's face it, Uther crying over his son;s body was soooooo adorable. But this time he finds himself in an unusual predicament, facing a hard choice. Uther Pendragon remains under the troll's enchantment, until he is released from its spell years later to find that Arthur has been in charge and Camelot is very, very different. Not Really Thanksgiving Order is the fragile illusion of control...a lie we tell ourselves by necessity, because the reality of our impermanence and futility is maddening. A fic about the week in Standford right after Jess death. Murder dogs their path, danger lurks in the most innocent of places, and there is nowhere to hide When Darkness Calls.

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Written for the Agents of Shield Christmas Fic Exchange. Attempting not to let the team down Eliot tries to keep pushing himself past his limits.

Now up against bandits, hungry carnivores and the growing darkness, Kristoff must find his princess - dead or alive.

COMPLETE"I failed." Percival had said his goodbye, had held Gwaine in his arms, waiting for the other knight to breathe his last. Tag and Spoilers to 5x13: a quest for the Cup of Life featuring the continuing adventures of Gwaine, Percival, and Merlin.

'It could have been a second or a million years, but then suddenly Arthur became dimly aware of his existence again. This was why they had stunt men in those stupid spy action thrillers – to do this sort of thing.

White light flooded his eyesight.' Arthur wakes up in a strange place. But Rick's life wasn't a movie and he didn't have a stunt double and he couldn't afford to lose Billy and the mark...

So if you're wanting more, you can feel free to check out my homepage link, which should take you there :)Also, as an older note, I just need to say, in my defense, that I didn't actually THREATEN geminigrl11 to post a bio. Sample: "All he could say for sure, was no-one [...] had been aware of the danger until it smacked Peter upside the head. Literally, it was the heated, still-capsuled mass of energy that slammed into his back, buried through his subcostal nerve, and into the kidney beneath." *Rating may change.