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TOP HONORS: Paisley Tabor (Hurricane MS) HONORS: Brynna Price (Hurricane MS), Alexa Perry (St.

Joseph Catholic School, Huntington) HONORABLE MENTION: Taylor Baxter (Hurricane MS), Grayson Maddox (Hurricane MS), Parker Dotson (Hurricane MS), Isaiah Collins (Crum PK-8), Sharon Browning (Crum PK-8), Emma Muslin (Hurricane MS), Jordan Kirtley (Hurricane MS) TOP HONORS: Marlee Johns (The Linsly School, Wheeling) HONORS: Grace Landini (The Linsly School), Marley Kepple (John Adams MS, Charleston) HONORABLE MENTION: Kara Muncy (Crum PK-8), Zander Pinson (St.

Joseph Catholic School), Emily Bench (The Linsly School), Devlin Daugherty (John Adams MS), Julia Presevati (John Adams MS), Nolan Weiss (The Linsly School), Mia Camps (The Linsly School) TOP HONORS: Kayla Strickland (Roane County HS) HONORS: Morgan Sherwood (Hedgesville HS), Lindsay Garrison (Poca HS) HONORABLE MENTION: Shelby Kent (Ravenswood HS), Logan Foley (Greenbrier West HS), Makayla Lilly (Greenbrier West HS), Deianara Black (Petersburg HS), Taylor Childers (Roane County HS), Emma Strickland (Roane County HS), Gabrielle Hess (Roane County HS), Lucas Smith (Greenbrier West HS) Madeline Linn (Hurricane MS), Savannah Mc Cracken (Hurricane MS), Adhisht Reddy (St.

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Those receiving Top Honors will advance to national level judging.Joseph Catholic School), Daisy Snyder (Gilmer County HS) Tiffany Copen (Roane County HS), Tyler Copley (Roane County HS), Rebecca Parsons (Roane County HS), Stephanie Fleck (Roane County HS), Mackenzie Miller (Roane County HS), Ashlea Huffman (Roane County HS), Kara Pyle (Petersburg HS), Lucia Casdorph (Roane County HS), Harlee Kimble (Petersburg HS), Cameron Hedrick (Petersburg HS), Maggie Kerns (Hedgesville HS), Mikayla Tincher (Greenbrier West HS) Memorial Day and Veterans Day are about six months apart on the calendar.Both are important days of remembrance to commemorate those that served our nation.This is an exciting and cost effective method that students can get a major jump start on their college education, while proving savings for students and families.

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It’s worth noting that for the second year in a row, GSC has held the line on any tuition increases – a sharp contrast with other state colleges and universities.

Daisy is the 13 year-old daughter of Jim and Kris Snyder of Glenville and granddaughter of Sharon Phares and Charlene Snyder.