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02-Apr-2020 21:00

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Hey gals, the most important 'rule is: DON'T LOSE YOUR MYSTERY. According to the latest research, so many chemicals are sprayed around the female brain when you make love with a man, you become attached to him. They don't even like the guy, but they are attached. The BEST tactic is to wear his nerves to shreds with suspense.

The longer the male beast is made to cool his heels, the harder he will fall.

As former groupie Dawn Eden wrote in the while expounding on the subject: "Women are built for bonding. For that reason, however much we try and convince ourselves that it isn't so, sex will always leave us feeling empty unless we are certain that we are loved, that the act is part of a bigger picture that we are loved for our whole selves not just our bodies." Sadly for women, men have caught onto their little act of pretending like they never usually "sleep with a man on the first date", that this "one time" is "special" and she's different to every other girl he's ever been with.

This is the view of my newly single male friend Daniel says, who says his last relationship taught him an invaluable lesson: "No matter what a woman says - never, ever date a chick that sleeps with you on the first date.

Yet despite how much feminism hoopla exists around the subject, and no matter how many times we are told that women needn't be afraid of putting themselves out there if the chemistry is right, the lighting is good and he paid for her dinner (even if it is the first date, the first encounter or with a complete stranger), there are unfortunately some grave emotional consequences ...

This is all thanks to a magical (yet detrimental) little hormone that gets released into our bodies when women do indeed do the dirty with a bloke that she mightn't even have feelings for until the fateful night.

Had plenty of casual sex relationships that did not last because in the end we just did not click. i don't bother to get to know girls i just use for sex. The longer you let him wait, the more chances he'll stay.

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If you want sort-term frustration followed by long-term quantity and quality with a solid canvas for a relationship - wait it out, at least 1 month. At least 15 'dates'(many full day) and she slept over probably about 5 times beforehand.

magazine featured a brilliant stand-off between two women on a subject that is close to many a serial-dating-female's heart: their stance on casual sex. Now that is still the question, even despite the fact that Helen Gurley Brown (the '60s editor of Cosmo and author of ) famously intoned that yes, a woman can indeed have sex like a man.

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