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Beforehand, my mother said to me: “Do you have time to get a fake tan?It’ll make you look way thinner.” Needless to say, I did not.I saw an opportunity to do things better and make the events more quirky and fun.“Fast forward seven years, and here we are.” Here he is, indeed.(a few girls chose to keep their bra and pants on, but others decided to try the full monty with me).In general, the atmosphere was full of mutual support and sleepover-esque solidarity.In the end, the only thing that got me through the door was the need to prove a totally meaningless point – and the prospect of a large vodka inside.Upstairs I went, fighting mild pukiness, to meet Rob the organiser.

The whistle blew, the ladies chose a table, up stood the men and off came the robes.

I am an old fashion loyal man looking for a woman who I can grow to admire and respect in time. i love fishing, boating, snowmobiling, anything outdoors.