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12-Dec-2020 10:24

All of these individuals were unanimously selected to join the Iris Board of Directors.The three latest additions increase the Iris board to a total of 16 members charged with the responsibility of providing the organizations's long-term strategic planning and business oversight.While Iris will continue to serve the victims of domestic violence and strive to provide the support needed to empower those who are already victims and seeking assistance, we believe the fight to end domestic abuse requires that we expand our efforts to provide more public information about the problems and dynamics of domestic violence and the services available through Iris.Iris will make educating the public on the problems of domestic abuse a greater priority in 2018.Programs and trainings will be made available by Iris on a variety of topics ranging from a basic "DV 101" presentation to more individualized programs tailored to meet a specific situation or topic about which a group may be interested.For more information on our outreach program, please contact Monica Alfred at 389-3002 or email her at [email protected] prevention of domestic abuse and relationship violence can only be achieved if people know what it is - how to spot it - how it can arise in your life - and what you can do to prevent it from claiming additional victims.

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Iris created the COED position to emphasize a more concentrated focus on "preventing" domestic abuse and relationship violence in 2018 as opposed to serving survivors. Alfred, as COED, will be providing public information presentations about domestic abuse as well as concentrated training exercises to individuals and organizations seeking to learn about the dangers of domestic abuse.The selection was made after a two-month search and selection process.“We are very pleased to announce this appointment,” reported Melanie Fields, President of the Board of Directors.

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