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I gave a polite but carefully neutral speech at the diplomat's gala.One of his opponents later sent me a library of holoprograms to thank me for not taking sides.However, with limited opposition, the diplomat was elected governor two weeks later.When I declined the diplomat's invitation, he seemed genuinely sorry that I would not be there.Two weeks later, he was successfully elected governor.He sent me a three tickets to the ceremony along with a note saying that he would remember my support.One of his opponents sent me a book on settlement governance to thank me for not giving such a speech, and that same candidate was elected governor two weeks later.The diplomate-turned-governor of the Federation's newest colony has been arrested for stealing its resources to build his own estate.

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The judges heeded my recommendation and sentenced the former governor to a relatively short stay in a penal colony.

However, if your skills are not strong enough, you can deplete your AM before reaching the next Dilemma.