Dating stanley router planes mate dating

04-Dec-2020 10:52

I’ve never found a good source for Sargent planes with pictures. I want to thank all those who have helped by sending me pictures and information.

If I do, they will be found on my Tools For Sale Page.

S.” Wooden Casing Moulding Plane 718 Auto-Set Fore Plane 718C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Fore Plane 719 “U.

S.” Wooden Quarter Round or Casing Plane 717-3/4 “U.

Though nowhere near as complicated and involving as dating Stanley planes, Record hand planes did have their differences over a 70 year history and some of them are listed here.

S.” Wooden Roman Reverse Ogee Plane 708 Auto-Set Smooth Plane 708C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Smooth Plane 708 “U. S.” Wooden Grecian Ogee and Bevel Plane 709-1/2 “U. S.” Wooden Grooving Plow Plane 904 Selected Bench Plane (Handled Smoother) 905 Selected Bench Plane (Handled Jack) 906 Selected Bench Plane (Handled Fore) 923 Wooden Ship Smooth Plane 924 Wooden Ship Razee Jack Plane 925 Wooden Ship Razee Fore Plane 926 Wooden Ship Razee Jointer Plane 927 Wooden Ship Spar Plane 930 Wooden Tooth Plane 931 Wooden Mitre Square Plane 932 Wooden Mitre Smooth Shape Plane 934 Wooden Mitre Smooth Shape Plane 1066 Matching Plane 1067 Matching Plane 1068 Matching Plane 1074 Circular Plane 1080 Combination Plane 1080 Combination Plane (Stanley Made) 1080 – PB Combination Plane 1085 Combination Plane 1107 Block Plane 1107 Hercules Low-Price Brand Block Plane 1107 Hercules Golden Cutter Block Plane 1206 Block Plane 1207 Block Plane 1216 Block Plane 1217 Block Plane 1217 Hercules Golden Cutter Block Plane 1306 Block Plane 1307 Block Plane 1316 Block Plane 1317 Block Plane 1408 Smooth Plane 1408 Hercules Low-Price Brand Smooth Plane 1408 Hercules Golden Cutter Smooth Plane 1408 Smooth Plane 1409 Hercules Low-Price Brand Smooth Plane 1409 Hercules Golden Cutter Smooth Plane 1409 Smooth Plane 1409C Hercules Low-Price Brand Smooth Plane 1414 Hercules Low-Price Brand Jack Plane 1414 Hercules Golden Cutter Jack Plane 1414 Jack Plane 1414C Hercules Low-Price Brand Jack Plane 1506 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 1506-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 1507 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 1507-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 1508 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane (Lady Bug Rabbit Plane) 1508-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 1509 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 1509-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 1606 Low Angle Block Plane 1607 Low Angle Block Plane 2204 All-Steel Block Plane 3407 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane 3408 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane 3409 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane 3410 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane 3411 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane 3412 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane 3415 Wood Bottom Jack Plane 3416 Wood Bottom Jack Plane 3417 Wood Bottom Jack Plane 3418 Wood Bottom Fore Plane 3420 Wood Bottom Fore Plane 3422 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane 3424 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane 3426 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane 3428 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane 3430 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane 4206 All-Steel Low Angle Block Plane 4302 Rabbet Plane Block Plane, bronze cap, just like the Lie Neilson and based on the Sargent 507, 6 1/4″ long & 1 3/4″ wide with a 12 degree bedded blade, iron body and 1/8″ thick cutter.

S.” Wooden Reverse Ogee and Square Plane 707-1/2 “U.

407C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane 408 Smooth Plane 408C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane 409 Smooth Plane 409C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane 410 Smooth Plane 410C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane 411 Jack Plane 411C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane 414 Jack Plane 414C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane 415 Jack Plane 415C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane 418 Fore Plane 418C Corrugated Bottom Fore Plane 422 Jointer Plane 422C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane 424 Jointer Plane 424C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane 505 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane 507 Rabbet Block Plane 514 Low Angle Block Plane Similar to Stanley #62. 514 600 Aluminum Smooth Plane 600 “Kenewa” Wooden Smooth Plane 601 “Kenewa” Wooden Jack Plane 604 “U. S.” Wooden Jack Plane 606 Low Angle Block Plane 607 Low Angle Block Plane 608 “Kenewa” Wooden Smooth Plane 609 “Kenewa” Wooden Jack Plane 610 “Kenewa” Wooden Fore Plane 611 “Kenewa” Wooden Jointer Plane 612 “U.

S.” Wooden Cove Plane 722 Auto-Set Jointer Plane 722C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Jointer Plane 730 “U. There are a ton of great resources out there along with an increasing amount of options for tools.

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