Dating someone with one testicle

20-Aug-2020 10:01

Why is our generation denied the dinner dates and romantic surprises?Women may have high expectations, but men don't seem to have any at all.

And there’s another thing if you’re feeling really adventurous, but ignore that for now.

Think: light pressure and no sudden movements once they’re in your mouth. So if you’re trying to make your guy let you near his knackers with a knife, you are way out of your element. Shaving balls requires the concentration of a ninja, the steady hands of a ninja, and a ninja-forged blade that… They can expand and contract depending on internal and external temperature in an effort to preserve precious sperm from getting boiled or frozen.

Remember again that teeth are the natural enemy of the balls, like the mongoose and the cobra, or politicians and the truth. Do you have any idea how long they make astronauts practice on the simulator before they let them in the shuttle? you know what, just hire a weird ninja to do it instead. Some men can even predict the weather with their balls—just like how your grandpa’s knee can tell when it’s going to rain, and about as wrinkly. Everything else your dirty mind can imagine is pretty much on the table.

It's an epidemic of cowardliness and women are getting fed up.

It seems that these days the only real way to get a date is to ask the man himself.

Maybe I'm nostalgic for a time that never was, but what ever happened to romantic gestures and bold moves?