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Next, take a good hard look at the condition of the machine.

According to Sewing Machine Repair Tips, condition can have a dramatic effect on value.

The machines that get sold for thousands of dollars are generally rare items that belonged to an important historical figure or were significant in sewing machine history.

The latter machines are mostly going to be museum quality sewing machines from the mid 1800s.

It has been found that if the parts are inclined less than about eight degrees from vertical a clear stitching point is not obtained and the machine elements are located in such a position that they are likely to be contacted by the operator's head or face when they lean forward.

When the parts are inclined greater than 16 degrees, the point of the needle does not always penetrate certain types of materials but tends to be deflected upward, thereby sometimes resulting in the skipping of stitches or in the breaking of needles.

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The best way to find out what your machine is worth in your area is to talk to local collectors and appraisers.Determining what your Singer is worth gives you the knowledge you need to insure, sell, or just enjoy your machine.