Dating scent bottle

28-Apr-2020 13:48

People collect perfume and perfume bottles for all sorts of reasons.

Some want to collect interesting bottles or those that are rare or limited editions.

Graham says he is meeting ladies in their 20s or 30s who, for nostalgic reasons, want to collect the perfumes their mothers wore.

Here are some other beauties in his collection Joy was originally made in an emerald cut bottle designed by Architect Louis Süe and then a crystal flacon by Baccarat.

It was voted “Scent of the Century” by the public at the Fi Fi Awards in 2000.

He buys in antique shops, vintage fairs, on-line and at auction.

In auction, perfume bottles tend to be listed in sales of glassware, specialist sales or decorative arts.Graham is a member of the (IPBA) formed in 1988 for enthusiasts dedicated to collecting scent containers and to researching and preserving the history of perfume bottles and related items, the fragrance industry, bottle designers and artists and manufacturers.