Dating questions for women to ask men

29-Sep-2020 12:05

But we were socialized to communicate differently: Women make emotional connections with their girlfriends ().

When her question strikes a nerve, it’s often because you’re perceiving a disconnect in what she really wants to say—and that can come from both sides, says Cole. Your instinct to blow a gasket or storm off is biological: “Men’s bodies are hardwired to be hyper-reactive to stress and danger, but modern danger is no longer a ferocious tiger—it’s the pissed-off wife or girlfriend,” says Jamie Turndorf, Ph. When she comes at you with touchy topics, your body sees danger, which involuntarily triggers your fight-or-flight response, she explains.

The reason it freaks you out: You think she’s gunning for a—very expensive—reward.

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” When that primitive fight-or-flight kicks in, men become flooded with overwhelming emotion faster than women, causing them to shell up, says Cole.

To sail smoothly through any line of questioning, be ready with these smart responses.

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