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Remington produces the Mountain LSS model with a stainless steel barrel and laminated stock.Heavy barrel versions with laminated stocks like the Model 700 SPS varmint are available for varmint hunting.The program will be executed under the authority of Project Manager Soldier Weapons, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, and managed by its subordinate unit, Product Manager Individual Weapons. The Attorneys general from nine states and the District of Columbia objected to the proposed settlement in the class action, saying that Remington has "long known" of the defect and that the proposed settlement "fails to adequately protect public safety." On October 20, 2010, CNBC televised the first in an ongoing investigative series, Remington Under Fire: a CNBC Investigation, reporting that the trigger mechanism used prior to 2007 on the model 700 could fire without the trigger being squeezed.The report stated that Remington has received thousands of customer complaints since the firing mechanism was introduced in the 1940s, and that nearly two dozen deaths and hundreds of injuries had been attributed to inadvertent discharges of 700 series rifles.The ejector is a plunger on the bolt face actuated by a coil spring.

This award follows a full and open competitive evaluation lasting nine months, which began with the release of the Army’s Request for Proposal (RFP) on January 13, 2010. Army has changed the weapon name from M24E1 to the XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle.Through internal Remington documents, the program showed that on multiple occasions the company considered recalling the product.The inventor of the firing mechanism, Merle "Mike" Walker, 98 years old at the time of the documentary, told CNBC he proposed what he called a safer trigger in 1948 while the product was still in the testing stage.Remington initially produced two variants of the Model 700, the ADL and BDL, in both long- and short-action rifles that allowed for the chambering of different cartridges.

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In 1969, Remington introduced several upgrades for the rifle, including a longer rear bolt shroud, a jeweled bolt and improved stock finishing.The police version (700P) is also marketed to the public. Remington offers similarly styled, less expensive versions under the Special Purpose Synthetic (or SPS) name. The United States Army’s Joint Munitions and Lethality Contracting Center has awarded Remington a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract (W15QKN-10-R-0403) for the upgrade of up to 3,600 M24 Sniper Weapon Systems (SWS) currently fielded to the Army pending type classification as the “M24E1”.