Dating lds talks

30-Oct-2020 13:53

Like other Americans, Mormons are marrying later or remaining single altogether, and the population of 30 – 40 year old singles is on the rise.

In a 2012 article on the increase in Singles Wards in the church, the Huffington Post called it “a crisis of singles”.

It may also be difficult to tolerate that fellow church-goers may not respect them as full adults in a way that the larger culture does.

Given these realities, it is perhaps not surprising that we are encountering difficulty in retaining our single adults in the church--single adults that are needed and wanted, single adults that add to our strength as a collective.

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We are a faith that values marriage and family and sexual chastity very highly.

Additionally, a couple of generations ago, the larger society valued marriage and sexual restraint resembling LDS values. And whether or not we like it, and for better or for worse, we are immersed in and shaped by a much more sexually focused society, which places high value on sexual fulfillment as a part of living life well.