Dating in sedalia mo

20-Oct-2020 18:03

You can see peculiar lights like sets of eyes that blink every now and then, under the bridge, in the trees along the creek, and in the cemetery up on the hill by the creek.Also, if you go out on a dark night, when there has been no running water..forever, stop your car on the bridge, and roll down your windows, you can hear what sounds like water running in the creek, but also strangely, foot steps in the weeds and leaves.There may not be any truth in these stories about either place.Of all the people talked to about these places over the years, no one ever says that they themselves have seen anything. The fort hauntings have raised many questions over the years.You'll have to push the car off the bridge onto the gravel road to get it to start.The poster tried this once and it started right back up.

There's also the ghost of a woman seen walking on the bridge at night.

Cabin has been secured with an old fashioned cot, old wooden table and chair, and a large bible on the table.