Dating double standards

27-Feb-2021 17:09

'He’s got an all-areas permit and thinks he should never have been towed in the first place, even though he didn’t have the permit on show.

'The tow-truck boys had to do a quick about-turn when they realised what they had done.

If you've ever tried to appeal a parking ticket you'll be aware of the sense that you may as well be banging your head against a brick wall, no matter how valid your reason.

When Seamus Adams left his car in a residents-only parking bay in Hackney, North London, he had his windscreen papered with the familiar yellow plastic parking packet before it was towed away.

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But once you leave the suit environment, dress codes for men and women vary a great deal. HR expert Susan Heathfield states in her sample business casual dress code, Because all casual clothing is not suitable for the office, these guidelines will help you determine what is appropriate to wear to work.

Not because the dress codes themselves are written differently. Clothing that works well for the beach, yard work, dance clubs, exercise sessions, and sports contests may not be appropriate for a professional appearance at work.

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It's a fantastic dress code, and you'd be wise to follow it.

However, while an official dress code can be written to legal perfection, does an unofficial double standard dress code exist? When a man alternates between two different pairs of dockers and shows up every day in a blue button-down shirt, no one says a thing.

The £40,000 car - complete with personalised number plate - was returned to the exact spot on St Thomas’s Square from which it was towed by his dutiful staff on September 27.

A council insider said: 'Seamus was furious that the car was towed.

Inspector Sean Mc Dermott, Manager of the Domestic Family Violence Team for NSW Police said that the majority of domestic violence victims that he sees are women although domestic violence can affect anyone.

Now that we’re living in the internet age, it goes without saying that dating isn’t what it used to be.… continue reading »

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