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Reply I purchased a GMC Terrain Denali in January 2017. I purchased my car be from Jay Buick in The Bedford Ohio Automile.I always had a Ford and never had any issues with my Ford’s but I decided that I needed a change. I am in my car quite a bit and have always relied on the hands free feature on my vehicles. This is so dangerous as I end up answering the phone manually. If I am on the phone when I get in my car and I start it the call is disconnected instead of forwarding to the car. I am so unhappy with my cat and am actually thinking about selling it and going back to Ford.In 2009, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Reply My 20hd which I bought in Florida 18 months ago still cannot be licenced in Ontario Canada….This resulting in a government bailout and closing the Pontiac, Saab, Hummer and Saturn brands. Tagged as: general motors corporate address, general motors corporate headquarters, general motors corporate office, general motors corporate office address, general motors corporate office email, general motors corporate office fax, general motors corporate office phone, general motors corporate office phone number, general motors customer complaint desk, general motors customer complaints, general motors head office, general motors headquarters, general motors home office, general motors main office My father had 2008 Cobalt the Built in 2007 that kill him because the air came out they throw him away out of Court Dismiss why I don’t understand his hole steering wheel was Rid right out any airbag would of come out he was just 80km on Beautiful Day Beautiful Roads go east the truck with the Flatbed on was come west my Dad car kept go to left over the line the truck was trying to move out of the way but Dad end hitting the flatbed that a 130km how did the Accident like that Happen something was wrong with that 2008 Cobalt how go from 80km to 130km in sec he Accident happen at in the Morning he just went to store for Dog food/Toilet paper and on the Home with his Dog Rocky that Die to and my Dog Buddy was in the back passages side he lived l Buddy Luck the Accident was Horrible that was September 17/2010 two or three Days after my Dad Accident he get a Recall for the ignition switch I call they and said it’s to late he’s already Dead She said I’m sorry to hear that but don’t know about the ignition switch From Hell if my Father could of use he’s Steel Wheel or Brakes he would offer anybody would He did not want to Die that Day he want to Die that all know boby can tell anythink how that Accident Happen because of a Stupid airbag when his hole Steering Wheel was Rid Rid right Out guess the air would come G. Kill my Father and they do not want to take responsibility for my Father Death can someone tell how Any could have a Accident like that they should of pass reach nether with No prol man my Dad Life Matters He got two more Recalls in 2014 so that 3 Recall but he was before any came in first was on e was in 2010 but the Lawyers kept my Fathers Recall Paper for 2010 it had a date on it for April 17/2010 but I only got it September 2010 after my got Kill in his 2008 Cobalt I’m a Broken Heart Daughter Beverly Harris and My Dads in was John Joseph Harris they said that I just want Money But I said My Fathers life Matter just like anybody that lose a Love One in G. Ignition switch from Hell or a defeat in any off G. The airbag recall issue that hasn’t been addressed by gm is the reason.. Reply Ordered a new 3500 serria 8 weeks ago put a deposit on it at time of ordering Was just informed yesterday that it isn’t being built. What he does know is that my concerns with the dealership not offering to sell a GM Extended Warranty should be taken up with the dealership.Linda Manrow Reply MY CAR WAS RECALLED ONLY BUILT AFTER THE FINAL ASSEMBLY DATE FOR THE RECALL. STOLE MY SERIES 3 SUPERCHARGED MOTOR AND PUT A SERIES 2 3.8L MOTOR IN IT, II TRIED TO HAVE AN INVESTIGATION DONE BY A NEUTRAL PARTY ONLY IT WAS TURNED OVER TOO DEWAYNE BELL THERE OWN SERVICE MANAGER HOW FAIR OF AN INVESTIGATION DO YOU BELIEVE WAS CONDUCTED? PRIOR TO THE DAY THEY HAD MY CAR, POLICE OFFICER RAN MY VIN# EIGHT DIGIT 2 3.8L V6 SSI CANADIAN EMPLOYEE SAID SAME THING ABOUT MOTOR! SHE SAID MY CAR WASN’T PART OF RECALL CONCERNING OIL DRIPPING ON ENGINE BLOCK CAUSING FIRE HAZARD I’VE DISCOVERED WHY.HE LIED AND SAID THE COVER FOR MY MOTOR WAS PART OF RECALL OF COURSE IT SAID 3800 V6 SER. GENERAL MANAGER JAMIE COBB HAS GOTTEN INVOLVED AND LIED AS WELL.

06/07/17 501/412/XXXX Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android Reply I have an issue with my airbag warning light on my 2016 Colorado.

I am so frustrated right now and just wanted you to know. One of the seat belts is defective (won’t retract).

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