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If I'm supposed to, I should be sort of a 'hero' to her for being gentleman, not a feeble sucker. Gets me to support 'pro choice' movement…The first incarnation of the 'porn scene' was way cooler and really funny. Why the heck should I leave a porn dvd inside player? If I had a porn channel aboed, daughter happens to press correct button, well alright. at least stop at something resembling a realistic anatomy, christ! That's no hentai problem especially, but you're right, it's easy to exaggerate, and if proportions are the first and foremost part of content deemed 'important' (say for a lewd game), you can get 'hi hi, titties bigger than my head, giggle' kind of characters/personalities. Exaggeration anon.5571But those you mention are older. So don’t worry, Daddy will be the daughter's first : D"8414It's been over 11k for a while, but then it started dropping a bit, so he disabled the display of how much money he's getting, probably so that he gets even more patrons.

Need to 'smooth-talk' her like a stupid moron for a one night stand. Scenes: She is hopping on the bed - already said, she isn't a bright light. This would be something we all would probably do, after meeting sbody not seen for years, at a location we never went before. If you're new to the site or just assume that he's getting a bunch of 1$ pledges, it's easy to be mislead into believing that he's getting somewhere in the range of 1400-3000$. His patron count did increase afterwards.8414Back when 0.05 came out it was past 10k. Went back again and the amount he was making has been removed.

Maybe I-3036Changelog Added Objectives screen at the beginning of the date.

Added bathroom scene Added kitchen scene Added bed scene Added goodbye scene Fixed many typos from 0.0.1 Rewritten some parts of date 1 to create a more natural relationship with your daughter. Come back in half a year, ask again…Actually a lot of the corruption content isn't even in this version, it ends before you can do anything but kiss her whenever you want.

Note that the max stats you can get in this release is 10 friendship / 2 love, and the most you can do with you daughter is hug her and kiss her.

Brief walkthough for max stats: Hug her ( 1 Friendship)Don't Worry ( 1 Friendship)We should one day ( 1 Friendship)Compliment her ( 1 Friendship)Watch a movie Porn movie ( 2 Friendship, 1 Love)Romantic movie Hug her Kiss her ( 2 Friendship, 1 Love)Talk to her Elena ( 1 Friendship) I have not been able to get her to tell me about her having sex with her boyfriend; I doubt that you can in the current version2700It's faster to groom my own daughter than to wait for the version were he adds all this stuff, than the twist and than the real daughter.

So stop begging for links, either find it yourself or kill yourself out of grief of not finding it. Leveling: You can get about 25 'friendship' points and 1 (one) 'love' point. Don't want to peek on her while she is peeing - don't need a reminder on this, don't need to play like I'm a perv or beeing 'touchy', if I'm supposed to be gent. If I were a girl and my 'bff' would be talking like this about my dad, I'd insta-kill her…The bff is the fuckin' *perv* here, she's not 'outgoing', she's a bitch. Should really start worrying about bad influence, like drug taking and drinking habits, and all the possible shit stupid young females do today… Seems to me like a fucking 'Daddy Simulator', to teach me how *horrifying* it could be to actually have a daughter in today's society. Father's Apartment Added conversation with daughter and Elena scene. I hope the next update will have better design for these characters as well as more sexual content and I await to see how hot my ex is.5102You misunderstand. I'm just commenting that the creator might have gone a little overboard with her design. All of which I think is a mistake because feature creep can kill the best of projects and this is already far from being the best.6252Ohhh please no.

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Story: Because I'm an ass, not a cuck, I already told her she's a little spoiled brat (fucking up 1st date, keeping me waiting on 2nd), and I don't want to excuse myself for shit over and over again, just because 'gentleman'. Need an explanation for this, other than that I'm a stupid idiot, deserving to stay alone forever. 4871Gameplay: Changed “game over” screen Changed “end of the version” screen Added new in game messages Added job choice option Fixed a lot of typos and grammar errors (Thanks Old A$$ Man ;) - If you find some, please send me a message)Daughter's Hotel Room Added new daughter's hotel room scene. I mean huge hentai boobs are one thing, but this game is going for a realistic 3d model… he wants to hire people on "Script writer" a "proofreader", "beta tester" also someone for the walktrough guide.- He's gonna open a new website "" (Job's related) (soon)- Talks about the release date of the game it will be 12th Feb."P. For those concerned about what’s going to happen next in the story, I’ll tell you this: There won’t be any rape!Even if I don't catch lightning in a bottle, it's not like it would take more than 1 weekend. Though I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to see the animated scenes this time?

"Now it's your turn," he announced, flipping the toilet seat down. " "Sorry," Kathy said, her mind not quite in the same universe as her body.… continue reading »

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201 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, L5B 4E4 9 Houston Avenue Bar and Grill features upscale urban decor replete with red glass paneling, crimson leather banquettes and chairs, and a fabulous long white quartz bar and table tops.… continue reading »

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She revealed that her first boyfriend was taken away from her in an interview with Daily Mail.… continue reading »

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