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From the lower part of the city, the reserve of exclusive designers and boutiques, right up to the heights of the capital where the emphasis is on luxury from near and far, not forgetting the districts that are home to the big chains, there’s something to suit all tastes and all pockets.

In January, Brussels is, indisputably, the meeting-place for the Shopping addicts.

The custom is that the motorist should stop to allow any pedestrian cross at the zebra crossing as and when they choose to use the zebra crossing.

Be careful in all cases and at all times as some motorists will be more vigilant than others.

Please note that if you are an Irish citizen and require urgent assistance while the Embassy is closed, contact the main Embassy number, 32 499 58 53 28, and leave a message on the Duty Officer voice mailbox. In January 2018 the Belgian authorities decided to reduce the threat level from Level 3 to Level 2. This drop in level implies that the threat has decreased and an attack has become less likely.

Crime remains relatively low in Belgium but you should take sensible precautions: As with any country, crimes such as mugging, bag-snatching and pickpocketing are not uncommon in Belgian cities and towns.

If you’re planning to drive in Belgium, you should take normal safety precautions.

Belgian roads are generally in good condition and are lit at night, including the motorway network.

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The best help is often close at hand so if you have problems, try talking to your local contacts, tour operator representative or hotel management.

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