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But how do the calendar makers know when Easter will be? How They Used to Do It By the middle of the second century, there were basically two ways Christians dated their celebrations of Easter.Some, the Quartodecimans (or “fourteenthers”), celebrated the death and resurrection of our Lord according to the “14th day of Nisan” — the day of the Jewish Passover (Lev. Since this date was not always on the same day of the week, the Quartodeciman celebration did not always fall on a Sunday.Ashes can symbolize dust-to-dustness and remind worshipers of the need for cleansing, scrubbing and purifying.

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Pastor said it had to do with the aligning of the moon, but he didn't know the exact reason why.

The rest of the church, however, celebrated the passion and resurrection of our Lord according to a different formula which always placed Easter on a Sunday. You see, there was the little problem of determining when exactly the spring equinox would fall.

Needless to say, there was no little controversy over this discrepancy, and it wasn't until the Ecumenical Council of Nicea in A. 325 that the churches of the world finally got together and agreed on this rule: Easter Day shall always fall on the Sunday after the first full moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. Various astronomical and calendrical solutions have been used at different times down through the centuries, but even today there is still no unanimity among churches concerning the celebration of Easter.

That's the "easy way." But if you want to do it the "hard way," the Commission has also provided an algorithm for you to calculate, compliments of Dr. ) Note: Unless your calculator gives remainders, you will need to do most of this calculation in longhand. For 2001, z = 3 Part II: y z 22 = date in March for Easter.

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Math teachers, this could make a good problem for your class to solve at the pre-algebra level. If this number is greater than 31, either: a) subtract 31 = date of Easter in April; b) or calculate y z - 9 = date of Easter in April.

The traditional use of Advent candles (sometimes held in a wreath) originated in eastern Germany even prior to the Reformation. Here are a few: Return to Church Year FAQs | Return to main menu QUESTION: Would you please explain the significance of Ash Wednesday?