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If the company would donate some land it owned adjacent to a national forest they could dump their organic waste on degraded areas nearby.

A pilot program yielded rich black loam and a diversity of new plants, and in 1998, the company unloaded 12,000 metric tons of orange waste onto the forest.

Once spread with orange rinds, however, the grasses were smothered and the loamy, nutrient-rich soil that the rinds produced provided fertile ground for native plants to take hold.

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It worked here because the orange peels were able to effectively block out an invasive species and produce thick loam for new growth.

In this article, I will lay out the factors that led us to this conclusion, and suggest a potentially superior alternative.

Before we talk about why the M27 would not be the right choice, though, let us acknowledge what it is that the M27 brings to the table as a fighting weapon.

For the Marine Corps, the ability to make accurate hits from any position – whether shot slung, from a barricade, off a bipod or pack, etc – without substantial POI shift thanks to a free-floated barrel unit is value-added for each rifleman.

Together, these features mean, simply: The M27 is more accurate, stays accurate longer, and has a longer barrel life than either the M4 Carbine or the M16A4 Rifle.

Still, the project didn’t produce any of the pollutants or pests detractors worried it might, and the results are clearly visible.