Dating a friend and coworker

23-Nov-2020 20:04

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All in all, the consensus is that office romances are inevitable and cannot be avoided in many circumstances but baring in mind your career could be at stake if the relationship goes against company policy. Like any relationship, more especially a work-place romance, there are some rules you just have to follow for your own sanity and to save face at the same time. Have to ever dated a colleague and how did that go for you?Surely, as adults, regardless of how things pan out, you don't mix relationship drama at work? So if you find that you’re crushing pretty hard on someone in a nearby cube, don’t worry: you’re definitely not alone. Your office isn't exactly a singles bar, and the line between becoming a “boyfriend” and a “creep” in the corporate world is always a fine one.(And, frankly, there’s no guarantee that your company will smile upon your budding romance, either.) To ensure that you come out of this situation with both your heart and your career intact, consider this your handy guide—just don’t forget to brush up on your game with 15 Ways to Impress Any Woman. D., a clinical psychologist with a specialty in interpersonal and work relationships.You can't just walk away and not see that person again.” Ready to make your move? Plan it for the next day or a few days later and make it a sit-down restaurant (no, your go-to sub shop doesn't count).

I know of a few successful work relationships that have resulted in happily ever after but in a saying that, I have also heard of relationships that have gone completely south.

“Disclosing the relationship and following the rules may potentially protect you and/or your partner from issues related to sexual harassment,” says Rebecca M. D., a professor in the College College of Business at Frostburg State University who studies workplace relationships.

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