Dating a flake

07-Jan-2021 22:01

In Confucianism, morality is based not on objective concepts of right and wrong that apply to everyone, everywhere in every context, but on how people should behave in particular social contexts: how a friend should treat a friend, how a husband should treat his wife, how an older brother should treat his younger brother, or how an employee should treat his boss.

When you approach an Asian girl, you are outside of any social structure and, therefore, out of moral bounds which means that, in general, she has no obligation to treat you in a particular way.

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As a Westerner, or non-local of any ethnicity, you’re at a disadvantage because, coming from outside of the standard social structures that exist in Asia means that you don’t fit into any of those interlinked societal networks so she has no obligations to you at all.

One of the most common questions I get when I’m working with a client is just how to stop girls from flaking.

The reason that most guys can’t understand or solve their flaking problem is because most of them are so self-absorbed that they don’t look at the dating proposition from the woman’s perspective.

Western women pride themselves on being independent while Asian women pride themselves on how well they play their various life roles, such as being a good daughter, student, or girlfriend.

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They sit in the center of several interrelated societal networks whose members judge them on how well they fulfill each of those roles.

) You might be indignant at reading this list, thinking that you deserve better treatment.