Dataadapter not updating datatable

22-Sep-2020 14:12

Update(ds , "Position Updates");da Update is Data Adapter Object Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command();cmd.

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At this point I am only trying to insert the first three fields (o, 1, 2).

When I run the code below with the TRY commented out, the data Grid View on my form ends up containing exactly what I expected. Ole Db Ex You should be getting an INSERT command, not UPDATE, as you are adding rows, not updating existing ones.

By default, the insert statement is generated for you and it selects the primary key field, but if you use database stored procs then you need to make sure you return the primary keys as well (in SQL-Server you can use SCOPE_IDENTITY()).

I show an example of creating stored procs in this video and mapping them to Table Adapter commands in this video.

If you post a question, make sure you include a CREATE TABLE... statement into that table to give the volunteers here representative data.

However the foreign key field in the child also needs to be automatically filled in the Data Row BEFORE it is inserted into the database, so that the database referential integrity will work.

NET objects, Connections, Commands, and Data Adapters.

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