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So it means that it's not easier for me, it's actually harder."She had a point there, but then lost it. When everyone else is dropping calculatedly outrageous comments, or dropping their drawers, Bedingfield's ordinariness makes her extraordinary.Musically, this is part of her appeal - she's forsworn gimmicks in favour of an album that has a bunch of cracking pop songs on it. Her first song, written when she was 12, was called "As I Am" - "about me, being who I was, I didn't have to do anything to be special".Inside the Sony-BMG party, near-naked waiters hand out fancy finger-food. The next morning, her diligence is rewarded with hefty coverage in the tabloids.

"I absolutely love things like Björk's album [Medulla, made using only human voices], where it's so musical.In her waffley-but-non-specific, daytime-chatshow conversational style, Bedingfield says the dress has been "adjusted and personalised. The flashlights are blinding, the shouts deafening. The afternoon before the Awards, Bedingfield perches herself on a chair in a room in a nice hotel in the centre of Rome. Unlike many young pop women, bikinis and skimpy frocks are not for her. She's the second of four children of Molly and John, New Zealander counsellors who moved to the UK before Natasha was born. She was brought up well, to think of others, be creative (she loves painting), and follow her dreams.Customised." Then, like a downhill skier poised at the mountain-top gates, Bedingfield launches herself through the tent flaps and on to the red carpet. On the right, penned-in behind a waist-high fence, is the baying mob of photographers. Twirly skirts, nice shirts and (today) big Topshop boots and matching gloves are more her thing. She oozes positivity."It has been crazy," she says chirpily of the globe-trotting PR whirl she has ridden in the six months since she was launched, "but you adjust to the craziness really quickly. In her teens, she was performing in song competitions with big brother Dan (two years her elder), singing with her little sister Nikola (two years her junior), performing as a sibling trio at Christian festivals in Europe.They bellow at lung-bursting volume to attract her direct gaze. Behind her, on the left, are a gang of panting, salivating Italian youths, shoving pens and bits of paper her way. There are moments when I step outside myself and go, 'Man ... I see their surprise at my life: I'm in a car everywhere, I'm going on private jets, I have all these amazing clothes, and things like that."She called up her brother, three-years-in-pop veteran Daniel, and left him a message: "Why didn't you tell me it would be this hard? " Then she said: "Oh yeah, you did, ha ha." That was a joke, see: she was prepared. "That's the advantage I have."Like any new, finely tuned product, she was prepared in other ways - by stylists, by media training, by six months spent recording her album in Los Angeles and London last year with people who, variously, had written songs for divas such as Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Robbie Williams. She works on songs on an i Book that Daniel gave her. Trying out songs in her spare time in studios in Greenwich and Lewisham, near the family home. She's currently number one in New Zealand; her Kiwi granddad has just texted to say everyone on the other side of the world knows who Natasha is. The Belgians (number 15), the Swiss (number 24) and the refusenik Czechs (number 42) are going to need a little help. In one fell swoop 120 million households in 48 countries can, potentially, be reached."Who are your fans?

In front of her, the photographers yell filthy abuse when one of her entourage gets in the way of the shot. She dropped out of her university degree after a year because it was getting in the way of her music-making. "These Words" has also reached number two in Germany and Austria. Meanwhile the French aren't doing themselves any favours: number 59 just isn't good enough. " I ask her."I have been happily surprised when I've gone around and seen who is in my audiences," she replied brightly.

She also sounds like she's rehearsed a lot of answers. I'm, like, 'I'm only 22, I'm already in the Guinness Book of Records!