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There are currently 14 Players Online Slashing v1.30.3:- Fixed a client side bug where accessory items would add bonus stats to your character that did not actually apply.(Life/Mana Regen, Jubilance [exp] bugs)- Experience on the character stats window now updates for experience events (jubilance, monster kills, skilling, etc)v1.30.2:- Fixed cannot attack bug that would sometimes randomly occur when changing attack type (mobile and pc)- White items can now be sold on the marketplace- Added a few more hook points for new bonus events Greetings all!MOD Title: Shop Mod MOD Description: This mod installs adds an item shop to php BB3.

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I just make php code, not t-shirts However, you might want to consider looking at they let you customize t-shirts and a bunch of other stuff with your logo, mark up the price, and you reap the profits, while they do all the work.

You should probably look into an online shopping cart system.