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12-May-2020 19:44

If you have not yet received an aid offer from your school, you can use To estimate your monthly expenses, you’ll want to start by recording everything you spend money on in a month.

This may be a bit time-consuming but will definitely be worthwhile in helping you understand where your money is going and how to better manage it.

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Keep in mind that your income may vary from month to month, and not all of your expenses will be the same each month.

Larger expenses (such as car insurance and books) and seasonal expenses (such as a trip home at the holidays or a higher electricity bill in summer when the air conditioning is on) need to be incorporated into your budget.

Top To create a budget, you’ll want to use a tool for tracking your income and expenses.

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You’ll want to balance your budget and make sure your expenses don’t exceed your income.

Instead, focus on putting the extra money toward your savings to cover your emergency fund or to support future goals such as buying a car.

Also, if you have a positive balance but you’ve borrowed student loan funds, pay back some of your loans and consider borrowing less in the future.

After that, gather your bank records and credit card statements that will show you other expenditures that may be automatically paid.

If you are currently attending college or career school or getting ready to go, you’ll also need to estimate your college costs.In addition to tuition and fees (unless covered by financial aid), you’ll want to make sure to include books and supplies, equipment and room materials, and travel expenses.