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A Ouvidoria do Sicoob, criada no final de 2007, representou um importante avanço a serviço dos cooperados.

Com isso, em caso de problema e depois de esgotadas a possibilidade de solução deste nos seus canais habituais de relacionamento com a Cooperativa, o cooperado pode recorrer a uma instância mais alta dentro do sistema.

The course itself covers all areas of cosmetology from haircutting to manicuring and facials.

At Cozmo we also include additional advanced education like makeup classes with professional makeup artists, trending classes and guest speakers from MATRIX and area salon owners and leaders in the industry.

We are proudly a NACCAS Accredited school, the only one in the Naples area, offering quality education to all our salon leaders of tomorrow!

Complete in 10 Months 30 Hours Per Week M-F 9am – pm Complete in 14 Months 20 Hours Per Week Tues-Thurs pm – pm & Sat am – 5pm (Full time/Part time) May 7th & 8th June 5th (Both Programs) July 9th & 10th (Classes start monthly, contact us for more dates) Our in depth cosmetology curriculum includes all categories to meet the state requirements and prepare you for your licensure exam as well as a successful career in cosmetology.

Cozmo offers both Full and Part Time Cosmetology Beauty Classes starting monthly with financial aid, scholarship and grants to those who qualify.

Taught by our team of 4 Advanced and Master Educators with an average experience of over 20 years in the industry, come see the difference as to why Cozmo Beauty School is the and the longest running Accredited Beauty School in the area.

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