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From there, you can either complete and submit the feedback form or select “Additional Information” and contact the Student Loan Support Center at the phone number provided.To ask questions after you have submitted your , contact the servicer for your new Direct Consolidation Loan. mail, your consolidation servicer’s contact information was available when you downloaded or printed the paper application.

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If an item attributable to an includible corporation is not shared by or allocated to the appropriate member of the group but is retained in the parent corporation's financial statements (or books and records, if applicable), then the item must be reported by the parent corporation in its separate Schedule M-3. Any adjustments made at the consolidated group level that are not attributable to any specific member of the U. consolidated tax group (for example, disallowance of net capital losses, contribution deduction carryovers, and limitation of contribution deductions) must not be reported on the separate consolidating parent or subsidiary Schedules M-3 but rather on the consolidated Schedule M-3 and on the consolidating Schedule M-3 for consolidation eliminations (or on Form 8916 in the case of a mixed group).allows you to consolidate (combine) multiple federal education loans into one loan. Direct PLUS Loans received by parents to help pay for a dependent student’s education cannot be consolidated together with federal student loans that the student received.The result is a single monthly payment instead of multiple payments. Refer to the complete list of federal student loans eligible for consolidation in the application.If an includible corporation has: (1) no activity for the tax year (for example, because the corporation is dormant or inactive); (2) no amount for the corporation to include in Part I, line 11; and (3) no amounts to report on Part II and Part III of Schedule M-3 for the tax year; the parent corporation of the U. consolidated tax group may attach to the consolidated Schedule M-3 a statement that provides the name and employer identification number (EIN) of the includible corporation in lieu of filing a blank Part II and Part III of Schedule M-3 for the entity.

On Part I, check box (4), Dormant subsidiaries schedule attached.A may elect to file Schedule M-3 instead of completing Schedule M-1 of Form 1120.

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