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In 1953, IBM engineers created the first hard disk, which was the size of two refrigerators.The company then shipped the first commercial hard disk-based computer, the 5 MB IBM 305 RAMAC (random access method of accounting and control) in 1956.In 1980, IBM released the first gigabyte hard drive, which weighed 550 pounds and was the size of a refrigerator, for ,000.This was the same year Seagate introduced the first 5.25-inch hard disk.A head, similar to a phonograph arm but in a relatively fixed position, writes or reads the information on the tracks.

Memorex introduced the first IBM-compatible hard disk in 1968.

Each read or write operation requires that data be located, an operation called a .

Data already in a disk cache, however, will be located more quickly.

It was nevertheless a huge jump forward in computer storage technology, which had mostly been reliant on magnetic tape.

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The movable read and write heads of RAMAC enabled semirandom access to data for the first time.A hard disk is actually a set of stacked disks, like phonograph records.