Connected workbooks not updating

24-Feb-2020 14:53

The graph zoom level and cursor position can be linked to other components such as histograms, scatter plots or other graphs.The displayed data and cursors will shift in accordance with the selection, updating all of the components consistently.The setup sheets are stored in a spreadsheet, giving users a great deal of flexibility in how they use the data.Channel data can be exported for the outing, lap or currently zoomed area.With an extensive set of built-in maths functions, new channels can be derived from logged and existing maths channels.Simple import and export facilities enable maths to be easily shared with others.This ensures fast access to the data when it counts.

Each worksheet can contain any combination of analysis components like graphs, histograms and gauges, all of which may be individually customised.If the data source is a text file or a spreadsheet, make sure that another user does not have it open for exclusive access.