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28-Apr-2020 11:10

Public law nevertheless has the potential to, and in many cases does, affect the rights of every citizen.It is for that reason that the case for the average person with no specialist knowledge being able to understand legislation is compelling.

It is also unusual in that it has two distinct stages of existence, as a Bill and as an Act, and its readership differs at each stage.

General legislative propositions which go on to deal specifically with an improbable case may make courts disinclined to fill the legislative gap when asked to apply the general provision to an improbable case which was not similarly anticipated.

Complexity of law and topic The law is highly intricate and technical and all legislation requires to be written and read in that context.

Some laws are unlikely ever to face challenge in a court and will have most practical impact on practitioners in a field or on those who are required to administer.

The people administering legislation or seeking to operate in accordance with it may include such diverse groups as the police, health inspectors, planning officers, school inspectors, trade unionists and company directors.Audience The focus of plain language writing is the reader.