Christians dating hindus

07-Feb-2021 20:13

When he said he was a Hindu, you should not even dated him.You did that and then you fell inlove and now you will problems.I am a 24 year old Christian woman in love with a 27 year old Hindu guy and wish to marry him. Christian part of the family would like to see that the new family follows christian social customs.

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You must ask your self only one question does he believe that Jesus Christ is the liveing son of God that his blood was shed on calvarys cross to pay the debt of the sins of mankind or does he believe in budda a stone symbol who is a false god budda did not die on a cross Jesus Christ did to denie god is eternal death in hell Barath.

I read with great interest this topic and the replies it has been getting for the last couple years.

I also read with great disappointment at some of the replies, particularly one that states Hindus worship anything that flies, crawls, walks etc...

Love God.....n al religions teach one thing "Love God" n "Love ur neighbors"... I still know the guy I have no regrets, I am thankful.

If our Heavenly Father and His son are not in it, it will not work/prosper/live. I understand your pain now, but it will be worse later. I prayed for God to send me His choice in a husband. He sent me an amazingly Good, Honest, Loving, Godly man (handsome too) who I am honored to be married to. Dear anandk, maybe you are or have found a magathmah or brahman who is or has some deeper sense of a different way.

Pray for the man,maybe be his friend,maybe he will find God and maybe someday he will not be unequally yoked.

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