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In both appearance and apocalyptic tenor, the Gabriel Tablet appears to have more than a little in common with these other ancient Hebrew texts from the Qumran community.Although scholars are comfortable with the date range of the writing on the tablet, they really have no idea who wrote it or anything about its provenance.As Yardeni herself wrote, The text has not been identified, but it is clearly a literary composition, similar to Biblical prophecies.It is written in the first person, perhaps by someone named Gabriel….

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The text is arranged in two columns with a total of eighty-seven lines.

The Jesus Family Tomb [movie] is a riveting archaeological adventure, a real-life detective story, co-produced by filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and Titanic director James Cameron.

In 1980, in East Talpiot, Jerusalem, a bulldozer accidentally uncovered what may be the most explosive archaeological discovery of all time.…What they find is the discovery of a lifetime, and raises questions about the historical Jesus.

It is a very poorly preserved artifact and a good deal of the text is either gone or indecipherable—but this is, of course, a key reason for the mystery and the current controversy surrounding it.

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Paleographic analysis (that is, a study of the script and materials of writing) place the date of composition from the late first-century BC to the early first century AD—the same general time frame that has been assigned to the Dead Sea Scrolls.The arrangement of the text is very much like that on a scroll; hence some scholars have been calling it a “scroll on stone.” The tablet was cracked into three pieces in its journey through the centuries, but all the pieces are accounted for.