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08-Mar-2020 11:27

After the play, which was Walsh's debut in the role, Cole praised her Girls Aloud partner on Twitter, writing, "Kimberley absolutely Killed it.. "Sure, Cheryl Cole is biased, but Shrek has been getting generally favorable reviews.

Cole also won rave reviews monochromatic frilled dress, and rightfully... The US version of X Factor doesn't hit the airwaves until this fall, but the show has already lost a judge.

Speaking about her dancer boyfriend back in November 2012, Cheryl said: "There is a stronger connection and a chemistry you wouldn't have with any other dancer.

To have that relationship is rare, to be able to have it with you and share those moments is pretty special actually." Derek Hough (2010): music video in 2009.

She was married to the Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole.

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’ after their success.” It is thought that Cole will not use her real identity on the dating sites and will instead use an alias. The 28-year old also recently confessed her love for Calvin Harris- who has written and produced her [uuid=6e1b0875-16d0-47df-b5c2-e85e523de754] that Cowell was 'infatuated' with her during their time on The X Factor together, telling a radio station in Newcastle that she "never felt that vibe from Simon." CHECK OUT GORGEOUS PICS OF CHERYL COLE IN MTV'S GALLERY HERE!

While the pair never confirmed their romance at the time, Derek has since revealed that he did briefly date the former Girls Aloud star, revealing: "We dated for a while. Usain Bolt, who won a gold medal and set a new Olympic record in the 100m dash on Sunday, has reportedly promised to take British pop star Cheryl Cole out on a date if she comes to cheer him on at the Olympics.