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20-Oct-2020 14:37

For every one of these suicide deaths, there are five people hospitalized following self-injury, 25 to 30 suicide attempts and seven to 10 people affected by each tragedy, according to analysis by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Suicide rates are highest among certain groups —such as Indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees, prisoners and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex (LGBTI) community —and are on the rise. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) recently reported an increase in transit suicides at the end of 2017, with eight attempts in December alone, and a corresponding rise in rates of stress leave by TTC employees, due to the toll this took on staff.

When self-driving cars first appear on roads, the safety picture may be nuanced, say experts, where people are not necessarily prepared for the abundance of caution used by automated drivers.

Now three researchers are adding to the mix of concerns to think about.

Beyond their technologies and safety reports lies a newer wrinkle posed by three researchers, in the form of ethical questions which policy makers and vendors will need to explore.

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We argue to achieve these objectives, manufacturers and regulators will need psychologists to apply the methods of experimental ethics to situations involving AVs and unavoidable harm." Continued MIT Technology Review: ''Should different decisions be made when children are on board, since they both have a longer time ahead of them than adults, and had less agency in being in the car in the first place?The question is over assessing the relative morality of different algorithms—who gets harmed and who gets spared.(a) The car can stay on course and kill several pedestrians, or swerve and kill one passer-by (b) The car can stay on course and kill one pedestrian, or swerve and kill its passenger (c) The car can stay on course and kill several pedestrians, or swerve and kill its passenger. One may consider MIT Technology Review's calling it "an impossible ethical dilemma of algorithmic morality." The authors' abstract stated, "It is a formidable challenge to define the algorithms that will guide AVs confronted with such moral dilemmas.If a manufacturer offers different versions of its moral algorithm, and a buyer knowingly chose one of them, is the buyer to blame for the harmful consequences of the algorithm's decisions?

" To be sure, "Figuring out how to build ethical autonomous machines is one of the thorniest challenges in artificial intelligence today," the authors wrote.And like the field of ethics itself, what happens in the other 10 percent is still up for debate." Explore further: CEO: Nissan will be ready with autonomous driving by 2020 More information: Autonomous Vehicles Need Experimental Ethics: Are We Ready for Utilitarian Cars? CY] Abstract The wide adoption of self-driving, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) promises to dramatically reduce the number of traffic accidents.

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