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16-Aug-2020 11:01

Maybe I didn't have to, but I did enjoy a little bit of exhibitionism at times.

And, there isn't much I wouldn't try at least one time.

I want to parade you around areas where other people are, showing off your body. In other words, I want to use you and your body to turn others on and to watch as you perform many different types of sex in public." I sat there in silence for quite some time. Finally, I asked, "Dana, that is a lot to ask of someone.

Have others done this for you and if so can you prove that they did it without being in trouble since it is against the law to be naked in public." "Judy, I know it is a lot to ask.

I have sucked many men off, let them screw me and even gave up my butt to some of them.

I would let them feel me up in bars and lost many pairs of panties to the ones who wanted a souvenir.

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I was so excited, I told her I would be at the address she gave me at 10 AM. My mind was going through all sorts of things that she might want me doing. So, nice to meet you Dana." We walked into her house and it was just beautiful.I pulled into the drive of the address and it was a beautiful place. I parked my car and walked up the walk to the front door. So far you have made it sound very interesting, but you haven't said what the job is." She looked at me and said, "I will understand if you say no to me once I tell you.