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This ad was kind of a big deal to fans as it was the first time Peter Cullen had done any work related to Transformers in thirteen years, dating back to the Action Master ads.Animation: Excerpt from The Transformers: The Movie of Unicron slamming his hand down on Cybertron's surface, accompanied by a newly recorded voice-over proclaiming "The universe is mine! Also has an excerpt of Optimus Prime stock footage with Optimus telling Unicron to "fight someone your own size." Idyllic scenes of nature on earth are followed by scenes of the Decepticon army mobilizing with an epic choral tune playing the background.Despite the existence of comics, cartoons, and other media intended to advertise Transformers toys, Hasbro has routinely commissioned standard television commercials to promote their current toy lines.

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Since then, nearly all animation featured in Transformers commercials can be classified as either re-used excerpts from the current cartoon or short animations used to merely introduce the ad.

The mood shifts as scenes of the Autobots taking action are accompanied by a rock version of the Generation 1 theme.