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06-Feb-2021 23:12

I'm not happy one bit about Canada Customs ********. vil-16If this item was so important then you should have allowed extra time for the uncertainty of customs clearance and ordered it SOONER. Customs makes no promise whatsoever as to how long it will take to clear items and so there is nothing whatsoever that you can fault them on. Apologize to your brother for your negligence which resulted in the guitar not arriving in time..

If I don't get this guitar by Friday May 4 2012, the ,000 per year they get for...whatever at Canada Customs won't nearly be enough. I ordered a guitar from the USA on e Bay on Monday April 16, 2012.

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As long as you have a tracking number for some delivery confirmation, you are safe from getting scammed because it will eventually update before dispute start deadlines (30 days from expected delivery date). If your buyer wants more information, tell them they should have paid for a more expensive delivery service.1 Even if it looks like a tracking number, you need to pay for it to see information. Majority of their services have Delivery Confirmation, which confirms (via tracking number) that the delivery has been made the day the package gets delivered. Canada Post's cheapest shipping method is their Light/Small Package USA/International service which does -not- have delivery confirmation (not availabe for in-country deliveries so that's a good thing).