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05-Jul-2020 03:25

They began dating, almost breaking it off when he was appointed interim District Attorney, as she didn’t like the idea of sleeping with the boss.At that time, she commented she had made it that far without sleeping with the boss and she wasn’t about to start.When Frank found out about their relationship he strongly disapproved but she didn’t stop seeing him until later when she found out he was trying to bury a case for a friend.Once it comes out that Nicky is dating a police officer, Erin mentions that she has never dated a cop.Rarely will she even consider stretching the rules to gain evidence for a case which puts her at odds with Danny most often.A bulk of their arguments occur when he toes the line to make a case, therefore potentially putting her case in jeopardy.Later she was shot when a defendant, Raul Delgado, steals a court officer’s gun, taking everyone left in the courtroom hostage.He tried to use her as leverage to escape the country but was shot by Danny who used their code phrase of “please don’t hurt my family” which means hit the ground.

At one point she had wanted to take the police exam, but Frank discouraged her, an action he later said he regretted.Erin is a skilled lawyer who puts her heart and soul into her cases, meaning she takes losses hard, especially if the defendant later commits another crime.