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13-Mar-2020 05:54

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Two days later £6,000 was removed from the victim’s TSB current account.

The victim subsequently contacted their phone provider and was informed that someone contacted the provider purporting to be the victim and had cancelled their contract and transferred their number to a new SIM.

Fraudsters are number porting a victim’s telephone number to a SIM card under their control and then using the number to access the victim’s bank accounts.

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This will help to make sure more drivers know how to use motorways safely.

In several cases, people have lost vast sums of money, with one victim losing £3,890 after initially receiving a text message claiming to be from TSB.

Fraudsters used specialist software which changed the sender ID on the message so that it looked like it was from TSB.

The message requests that the recipient clicks onto a website link that leads to a phishing website designed to steal online banking details.

Although text messages are currently the most common delivery method, similar communications have been reported with fraudsters using email and telephone to defraud individuals.

This added the spoofed text to an existing TSB message thread on the victim’s phone.

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