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Karsh quotes Nuri Said, longtime prime minister of Iraq and a prominent early champion of pan-Arabism: "Although Arabs are naturally attached to their native land, their nationalism is not confined by boundaries.It is an aspiration to restore the great tolerant civilization of the early caliphate." Islam is a millenarian faith in which politics and religion are inextricably bound together.Pan-Arabism is a form of nationalism and cultural nationalism.As an ultra nationalist ideology and exclusivity, it has been embedded with bigotry in its roots and in its motivated action.Indeed, at that time, a book came out "the new land of Islam," the book praised Shakib Arslan for envisioning fascist Italy's victory and for prescribing, in time, for the correct Arab attitude, and also hailed General Graziani the henchman of anti Mussolini ' Umar al-Mukhtar in 1931 for being the true friend of Arabism.

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Denied cultural autonomy, they rose against oppression multiple times only to be suppressed by the Arab nationalist regime in Algiers.Therefore, "Arabism is Islam." (Pluralism and party transformation in Lebanon: Al-Kata'ib, John Pierre Entelis, p.80) )From an Islamic perspective, the Arab urge for unity is simply accounted for.Among keywords - phrases that can be found on this page: Arabism is racism, Arabism equals racism, Arab racism, Arab fascism, [Arab fascist], racism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, second class, we need slaves, expulsion, master race, [master-race], herrenvolk, racial purity, racial nationalism, racist ideology, fascism, twin fascisms, Arabism above all, Arab race, superiority, inferior, Arabia for the Arabs, Arab nation, Arab alliance, Umma, imperialism, supremacism, Arabize, Arabization.

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