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While competition among siblings exists in all families, rivalry with non-biological siblings can be especially bitter.

Expect more frequent fighting, and encourage the children to compete against their own personal best instead of what their siblings may be capable of doing.

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— Stepfamily seminar participant, Nebraska Everyone wants "this marriage" to be their last. But many couples in blended families (also called stepfamilies) know that the odds are against them – very much against them. Apparently, "happily ever after" is a little more difficult to achieve in a blended family.Children in blended families often have difficulties with one another's turf.If one half of the new family moves into the home of the other half, expect considerable amounts of fights and tears in the first few months.In other words, they can beat the odds of divorce if they "" I'm convinced many blended marriages fall prey to divorce because they get blindsided by the pressures and unforeseen dynamics of stepfamily living.

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Dating couples, for example, naively assume that their first-marriage taught them everything they need to know to have a happy remarriage, and parents who raised their own children assume they know how to be a stepparent. Another common "blindside" occurs when blended marriage couples, who believe that stepfamilies are just like first-families, discover their stepfamily is very different from anything they've ever experienced and realize they don't have the tools to successfully manage their home.Scheduling in time with the parent with whom each child is no longer living can also throw a wrench in the scheduling.

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